Présentation des Tendances

avec Manuel RUCAR - Tendanceur

Plongez au coeur des tendances 

En session privée ou lors de nos événements, immergez-vous dans un monde de tendances : du décryptage de notre société à la planification des collections à venir, vous ressortirez de ces présentations des idées plein la tête et avec une vision claire de ce que vous devez proposer sur le marché pour les prochaines saisons.

LIVE the trends. 

Trends are everywhere around us. For a short stop during your professionnal life, jump into the trends for few hours. Catch the codes, the colors, the signals, the videos that makes marketing history. Make your way through the futur with our trendhunter to get a synthesis of what will be your days in one or two years ahead...

VIVEZ les tendances. 

Les tendances nous entourent. L'espace d'un instant dans votre vie professionnelle, accordez-vous un saut dans le monde de demain. Captez les codes, les couleurs, les signaux, les vidéos qui feront l'histoire marketing de votre secteur. Faites route vers le future avec notre tendanceur pour obtenir une synthèse de ce que sera votre quotidien dans une ou deux saisons...

In Private


Thematic speech.

Define the topic you wish to explore among the following themes among and our trendhunter will put your company, its products , its services in connection with the evolutions in society to a factual and inspirational immersion for your teams and partners.

   - Trends in your market

   - New consumers

   - Good merchandising practices

   - The new business strategies

   - Boost your communication with trends

   - Promote the charism of your brand

   - Give style to your products

Other topics on request.

During our Fashion Show


General speech.

Take a seat in one of our immersive trends presentations . Every year in mid-April discover trends for the next year to complete the season with all the leading market players. Videos, sounds, demonstrations, explanations : a dense condensed and argued speech about what will be the market of tomorrow ...

En privée


Prise de parole thématique.

Définissez le sujet que vous souhaitez aborder parmis les thèmes suivants et notre tendanceur remettra en contexte votre société, ses produits, ses services en lien avec les évolutions de la société pour une immersion factuelle et inspirante pour vos équipes et partenaires.
   - Les Tendances de votre marché
   - Les nouveaux consommateurs
   - Les bonnes pratiques de merchandising
   - Les nouvelles stratégies commerciales
   - Booster votre communication par les tendances
   - Valoriser le charisme de votre marque
   - Donner du style à vos produits
Autres sujets sur demande.

Lors de nos Fashion Show


Présentation plénière générale.

Prenez place dans l'une de nos présentations immersives des tendances. Chaque année mi-avril découvrez les tendances de l'année suivante pour boucler la saison avec tous les acteurs leaders du marché. Vidéos, sons, démonstrations, explications : un condensé dense et argumenté de ce que sera demain...

Our Lastest Fashion Shows in Paris 

Our Trendhunter


Manuel RUCAR – Trend hunter – 33 years old - French

What is a trend hunter ?

He lives in a whole connected world, always linked with what is at the cutting edge of technology. He is accompanied by artists, stylists, sociologists, economists, scientists, models... His aim in life is to put his heartbeat on the market tempo. He spends hours on internet, watching TV, reading magazines, shopping in Paris, London, New York, Dubaï in order to sink into the moving market. He even keeps an expert eye on mass consumption by using big data systems to identify what is sold day after day. His curiosity is not only specific for the green industry but also for all other sectors :

Fashion, Automotive, Catering, Film, Music, Architecture.

After completing his studies in botanical Biology in the Australian rain forest, he graduated with an Horticultural Engineer Diploma the same year and also started to run his own business at the age of 23.

During his scholarship he got many experiences like ruling a typical garden centre in Northern England for a few months or launching a flower shop in France, based on a new kind of business inspired by an American model.

Soon considered as a fashionista and since he always has an artistic point of view, this enabled him to make several awarded short films and write a few fiction books. He was looking for a link between science and fashion to help the plants industry get a better connection with customers' moods and aims. Then he met a car designer that used to work with a well-known brand of cars to draw its concept-cars thanks to the trends identification with five years of anticipation.

Then Manuel found an innovative way to adapt the methods of trends analysis onto the plants industry with a team of specialised scientists. Once their methods proved and published in international scientific papers, Manuel found investors to create CHLOROSPHERE in 2010. From this point, CHLOROSPHERE became the first -and still unique- trends consultancy and is now working with lots of brands in Europe and even in Japan, USA, Eastern Europe and Northern Africa.

With a team made up of a dozen of open-minded specialists, he is now your radar to know what is about to happen in the plants, flowers, garden and landscape markets up to a few years in advance, so do not hesitate to prepare all your questions for him !

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